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What Do I Seek?

Updated: May 12, 2021

In this photo series, I am to find answers to what my soul actually wants to seek. Is it fame or fortune, power or calmness, being the centre of attraction or being away from the blinding light of glamour?


What do I seek?

Is it the lavish life and luxuries that I look for, or do I seek the peace that soothes my mind and quietens my heart? I've survived the winds and the wounds, the fires and the burns, the floods and the scars. I've risen from the ashes and conquered my darkest fears. I've transformed my struggles into success and now my story asks what is it that I have survived for?

Am I still aware of what I long for?


What do I seek?

Being the centre of attraction or a life of solitude?

I used to be the life of the parties. Being surrounded by people amused me. Drinks in one hand, and aspirations in the other, I loved to dance and play. So much so, that I feared being missed out. And then time carried a wave along, that silenced the noises and I started searching for melody and sonority. Alone in my own world. Introspecting! And I loved the peace around me. But at the same time, I cherish the beautiful moments of the past.


What do I seek? Is it compassion for my fellow beings or indifference? I have been ignored and mistreated. I have been at the receiving end. Would I do the same to the ones looking up to me? I shall choose compassion over it, today and every day.




All these years that I have lived, I have always been searching for something. Now I am a seeker and I know that many around me are seekers too. I vow to guide them who seek a path and answers. I will teach from what I learned. I will guide from what I saw. I will ensure that the light that has illuminated my acumen, shines over the others who find themselves lost in their muddled stories.

I publish my photos in a series of six photos. See them first on my Instagram handle @someonekrishna. Every photo should be viewed in sequence as they are part of a series. Caption/ description is a major part of the photos. In order to understand my photos and the series better, please do read the description.


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