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Mirrors have a special place in our lives. They show us what we are and what we can be. I have tried to establish a relationship with the mirror in my photo-series. MIRROR: MIRROR ON THE WALL

"Tell me, ain't I gorgeous?

Ain't I flawless?

You don't have to be right,

You have to be compassionate.

Tell me, I can take down mountains,

Even if my body is fragile.

Tell me, you can see the confidence on my face

That's all I need to hear from you, dear mirror."


"Oh! Dear Mirror,

You know how I can be blinded at times.

I am a mortal human after all.

I can be overwhelmed by prejudices, rage, despair, or even

By the ecstasy of joy, confidence, and arrogance.

But you can sense them all, can't you?

You have a soul and mind of your own.

You never show me how I actually look.

I can only see what you want me to see.

You manipulate.

Oh! Dear Mirror, tell me no lies."


"Oh! Dear Mirror,

You know how I love compliments, don't you?

And you always make my day.

I don't care how the world judges me.

All I need is your approval of my existence.

You make my dull days lighter.

You give me confidence when I am down.

Our relationship will last till my last breath."


"Oh! Dear Mirror,

Who could be a better companion than you?

You are my journal.

You are my adviser.

You are my critic and

You are my confidant.

You have known all my secrets but you will never tell a soul.

You have seen me at my weakest but always made me stronger.

You have laughed when I laughed.

You have cried when I cried.

You helped me see what others ignored in me.

You have made my plans.

You have shaped me into who I am.

Oh! Dear Mirror,

Who could be a better companion than you?"


"Oh! Dear Mirror,

I don't recognize myself anymore.

What are you doing to me Oh! My dear Mirror?

Why don't I look like myself anymore?

That face is not mine.

I can't even find my face.

That's not me.

I have seen myself every day through your eyes

But I never realized that the face I stare at every day is there no more.

All I see is a stranger, a lost memory.

You never told me that things would be so different now

Than it was years ago.

Or maybe you had whispered.

But I was only watching, not listening."


"Oh! Dear Mirror,

Will you always keep my reflection preserved?

Or will it fade away with time when I am gone?

Will they still able to see me when they look into you?

Or will I be replaced by a new face?

I'll leave behind a portion of my soul in you.

I hope my memories live with you forever.

Oh! Dear Mirror, I'll miss you.

I hope you'll miss me too."


I publish my photos in a series of six photos. See them first on my Instagram handle @someonekrishna. Every photo should be viewed in sequence as they are part of a series. Caption/ description is a major part of the photos. In order to understand my photos and the series better, please do read the description. Subscribe to my blog and never miss an update even if you are not on Instagram or other social media platforms.

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