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Updated: Mar 11, 2022

The waiting This one has been inspired by the 2017 film A Ghost Story. And this photo series is my interpretation. The Waiting depicting the endless waiting of the soul before getting salvation.

It’s not all over yet. Not until I say it is. I still have my faith. I was afraid of it all my life, but it arrived, nonetheless. Now, I fear it no more for it has come as a liberator.

I stand there with an empty gaze. Motionless and patient. Time slips away like sand in my hand. It feels like an eternity. I watch, as days go by ignoring me and my existence.

I try to remember an old song. But my memory fails me. I loved it when I was a child, I wish I could sing it again. It will eventually come back: now I have all the time.

These faces look familiar Do they know me too? I have tried to ask them for their names but as always, they are too busy to listen or even look at me. I don’t remember, where I was before I came here. I was on my way to meet someone. I had a promise to keep. Someone just had told me their secret. I don’t remember that anyway. How did I even come here?

I was told to wait here. Someone is supposed to join me anytime now. They will take me to a place I was told would be my destination. Well, it’s been a while. There is a crowd moving around but not a single step towards me I have lost count of hours, or it could be days, years...I am not sure anymore I have been standing, watching, waiting.

I think I should walk away now but which way was it? The directions look so different now. I have been waiting here for so long I forgot which way I came from. Did I lose my way? Was I standing on a wrong spot? Is someone else waiting for me in a different place? wait...I hear a voice calling



I publish my photos in a series of six photos. See them first on my Instagram handle @someonekrishna. Every photo should be viewed in sequence as they are part of a series. Caption/ description is a major part of the photos. In order to understand my photos and the series better, please do read the description. Subscribe to my blog and never miss an update even if you are not on Instagram or other social media platforms.

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