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Greetings good people.

This series was a special one for me for various reasons. The most important reason is the participation of my friends on Instagram. My first post is titled PAUSED and I shared my views regarding it. Then, I requested my friends to provide their interpretation of my work. I am humbled by the response and also blow away by the incredible skills of my fellow IG friends. I read some amazing comments, beautiful poems and some appeared to be extracted from engaging stories. I am indeed very thankful to each one of you for accepting my genre, my vision, and my ever-changing style of work.

I have posted the comments under each picture and also mentioned their Instagram handle. Please check out the accounts of these incredible humans.


I have come to a standstill. No movement, no conversation, no thoughts. My eyes are closed, so now I can see even more. I can listen to you speak from a thousand miles away because I stopped hearing. I speak more because my mouth is shut. I can fly like the wind because I move no more. I feel the calmness because I feel no more.


Letting my thoughts flow without limits, without effort, and without guidance. Head thinks rationally but with heart, it's a different ballgame.

TOWARDS LIGHT Is it the person from the reflection real ?” - she asked

As many times we see our worse selves, the weakest selves, the vulnerable selves. And that’s why we often tend to accept the opposite side. She needs someone whom she trusts to tell her a different story, her real story. The light, perhaps? The light and her reverse-self can remind her that sometimes you need to look back to understand the things that will come. She can shine again as she is the light 💡 ! Wonderful image

cinzia_tre_ Towards the light... I let myself be enveloped by rays of light... I'm finally here... I savor this moment... It is magic light... It is energy for my body... It is warmth for my soul... It is love for myself... Let myself go towards light not forgetting the shadows hiding in that light. Let my soul dance and embrace the light and shadows like I m floating in a cloudy sky as a sweet ballerina

nadjarlaurent Take a step back from our problems to be able to find the light✨… Beautiful image Suman

Within the light,

pillar of the heart

rises up high.

Back to the center

where the heart

intelligence resides.

Above the stars ...

Beneath our genuine

desire to fly.


nadjarlaurent I am free, I no longer need these protections that prevent me from living, I am now ready to fly and make my dreams come true My dreams are just a step away from the safety of my umbrella, I look at the sky, seeing them waving me. I know I can't wait to see the sunshine to catch them. Maybe i"ll take the risk and walk through the pouring rain to catch that string, hold it fiercely to not leave dreams fly away.

cinzia_tre_ These umbrellas represent, my I am ready to make them come true. A gust of wind carries them high into the sky... This wind is the force of the knowledge that I deserve to be happy. I deserve to be loved. I fly high above the clouds, I see the kites and I realize how much strength I have inside me. I am different now... I am free. No longer tied to a string like a kite... I decide for myself. I choose! Aware that sometimes there is no wind, sometimes there is a light breeze, and sometimes it blows so hard that it sweeps everything away. I am ready!

1- the cloud is pouring umbrellas instead of rain, it’s a kind of Alice in wonderland.

2- umbrellas are going to fight cloud-like vaccines against the virus

AWAY FROM THE CHAOS The chaos has been long but right in the middle of it, you found peace. So here you are with the strength and the pursuit to move along all the shadows, living among brightness and darkness, because you are made of both of them. You are brave to not give up, to stand up, to protect that peace you found, and go on allowing that consented solitude, knowing that somewhere along the path, someone will sit beside you to cherish both light and dark, not fearing to live.

nadjarlaurent The noise of the city is far behind me, step after step I slide in peace towards my future Do you think that the whole Universe is fighting for souls to be together”? she asked looking around in vain. And all she can see is a superficial world that can fool you with its greatness. Its fear, its power, its loneliness - are these what you wanted? All your life you’ve been dancing accordingly to your heartbeat. You see ? that little bird it’s your power, your sword who can help you overcome your doubts and to fall in love again with your life. On that bench where it all started. Run like a ballerina on the stage, fearlessly, and meet the love that you always had. The love in you, the love for you. You can see from worlds away from that you belong deeply to yourself, going through hardships and still loving life.

Don’t fear what makes you feel! So, my soul is finely reunited with peace and love since I had those moments with you on the bench, dear self!

cinzia_tre_ Far from chaos... But far from what kind of chaos, I can live in a big city where noises nag at me day and night... I can work in a noisy place, that I can hardly hear my own voice... I can have the most total chaos inside of me, the one that is hardest to keep quiet... But there is a beautiful place in my mind and in my heart where there is peace and silence... A place reachable only if I let myself go completely... A welcoming place, where my body finds refreshment... A place where thoughts become more and more silent... I open with the key of my imagination, a secret passage, through the path where I am welcomed by a flowery meadow.... and there I give life to my desires..... Then I return to the chaos, but nothing is the same ... Everything seems different, I look with new eyes at the people I meet, the places I know... Recharged with new and good vibrations, I put my ideas to good use. I take pictures, write poems, paint... I share all these emotions with the hope that there will be less chaos in the world. Chaos is inevitable, embrace it.

You still feel empty in the same way a tornado feels when it moves all along in the middle of nowhere. But that’s the beauty in all of it, you collect all your pieces from the chaos, and you reborn. Chaos and oblivion, create the perfect work of art - You!

“ You may seem like you are falling but I am right here at the bottom ready to catch you “ - said her beloved soul.

So, she wandered lonely as a cloud but finding that solitude many times is bliss. Ups and downs in this life are inevitable, a roller coast of emotions, feelings, surprises, and we never know where it will take us next. Take the ride or lose the chance to enjoy the time of your life. The thoughts holding you, that fear can prevent you from living life to the fullest. That twists and turns of fate, the ups and downs will teach you how to struggle, and taking that ride can take you to an unforgettable journey, never perfect but always memorable. So girl step in, there are no perfect life plans but in each, up and down you will find your way.

brigittenadjar I’m wondering how many times in one single day we are up and how many times we are low. If no low, we can’t appreciate up.

nadjarlaurent Problems come back again and again… but now I know how to fix several of them, soon I will be able to control my destiny!!

Life... is a merry-go-round.

I got on a few months ago, on a new ride,

they call it the Ferris Wheel.

I was tired of feeling unmoving, feeling like I was in a tunnel

from which I never saw the light.

Then one day I made the decision and got on.

It was a high price to pay, I was aware of that.

But my freedom is an inestimable value and I bought my ticket at a high price.

A ticket to freedom.

The wheel goes round and round... every day.

There are times where I see nothing, where my view is limited...

With a little jump I could get off, but I don't want to.

I have the awareness that I have chosen the right path.

The wheel goes round and round.. every day.

Now I glimpse the roofs of the houses, the chimneys, the tallest trees with their majestic foliage.

And I begin to smile, my eyes see new things..., far away there are big cities,

I see a thousand lights that illuminate them in the night.

The wheel goes round and round.. every day.

Sometimes it turns slowly, I wish I could already be at the highest point,

but each of us has his own path to make, it takes time...

I savor these moments because I think they are important, I look down,

I see where I started from... and I am proud of myself.

The wheel goes round and round... and goes higher and higher.


I publish my photos in a series of six photos. See them first on my Instagram handle @someonekrishna. Every photo should be viewed in sequence as they are part of a series. Caption/ description is a major part of the photos. In order to understand my photos and the series better, please do read the description. Subscribe to my blog and never miss an update even if you are not on Instagram or other social media platforms.

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