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What are your nightmares made of?

Do our dreams have meaning? Are these glimpses from the past, messages from the future, or even from the other dimensions? What if they are part of our deepest, darkest desires? Or, are they born from our guilt and regrets?

I narrate my series as a first-hand experience and this time, its nightmare,

I thank all my friends on Instagram and my readers on the blog for the continued support like always.


What are your nightmares made of? Mine is trapped among them. They judge me, interrupt me but don't let me go away either. I'm their amusement. I'm their prey. I am everything they can never be yet they convince me, remind me of my shortcomings. They tell me stories I don't want to hear. They show me things I don't want to see. They want me to believe in their lies. They don't want me to open my eyes for if I wake up, they will stop existing.


I have seen them once I have seen them always. Those faces; I have never seen them before but I have seen them somewhere. Have we met? Do I know them or only they know me. We are friends, we are strangers. They bring news: good and bad. We live moments together. We are connected but we are strangers. They are from memories that I never had.


Why do I see myself falling? My body fails me. I reach out to hold on to something but they give way like grains of sand. I fall but don't reach the ground. It's an endless loop. But I will learn someday. I'll hold on to something on the way. I'll climb back again. Or if I reach to the bottom, I'll land on my feet.


Every step seems a struggle. I feel the time slowing down. I want to move ahead, get out but to where? I'm surrounded by a sea of unknowns. I have now lost my sense of direction. There's no visibility, no path, no shore. Why is it dark everywhere? There has to be a guiding light, there has to be a way. I'll find out.



I have made mistakes in my life. I have done things on impulse. I have made decisions that weren't wise. Have I suffered for them? Yes! Do I regret it? Yes, again. It would be dishonesty if I say that I don't. But I have moved on, burying them away in the past. I won't look back. I have almost erased them from my memory. But they won't go away that easily. They visit me. They haunt me.


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