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Updated: May 12, 2021

Introduction by Brigitte Nadjar (@brigittenadjar)

"It is not necessary to hope in order to undertake nor to succeed in order to persevere."

Guillaume d'Orange.

Every living being, animal or plant, contains in its genes that something that leads it to adapt to find the means of its subsistence and to perpetuate its genetic heritage according to its environment.

According to their culture and their spiritual, scientific or philosophical framework, the conscious beings that we are have given different names to this something: courage, hope, faith, the impulse of life ...

Whatever our origin and our history, we, humans, have in common this confidence in better days, this precious little flame that makes us struggle every day, each in our own way, to live one more day, to live a little better, to protect what is dear to us, to raise our head when we are humiliated, to help a weaker ...

So, whatever the word, let's try to preserve this little flame in each of us, help those whose flames flicker to keep it alive, and continue to move forward with confidence, despite the trials, and above all, let's try to do as little damage as possible.


It's been a long and difficult time. Fighting unending battles, struggle for survival, constant conflicts of despair and determination, the soul has seen them all very closely. It looks tiring and impossible now but she knows she'll get out alive and as a champion. Tow your boat home or be washed away. Giving up is not an option. Her faith in herself is her biggest strength, what else could be?


It's not over until she says, "It's over". She has her willpower in her heart. She'll create her world again. She'll bring back everything she lost on the way and put them back where they all belong. She knows she will, I know it too.


She is meant to fly. She isn't bothered by the bad roads ahead for she won't be walking on them anyway.


It's far from over. The nights are long and the clouds of gloom cover the sky. It's going to rain. There's no sunshine for the moment. But she's come prepared. She'll take shelter in the rain and will block the sun if it shines stronger. Come what may, she's stronger this time and she's prepared.


There she goes. She found her way. She isn't escaping, not running away. She took her time to pack all her luggage. Transportation, that's not a problem for her. She made her own. The destination you ask? Well, she'll land anywhere and start afresh.


Her efforts will be rewarded. She had paused not stopped. Hurt, but not broken. In captivity, but not killed. She took a different path but she wasn't lost. She will find her way out. She will triumph. She will reclaim, what was her. She knows it and I know it too.


I publish my photos in a series of six photos. See them first on my Instagram handle @someonekrishna. Every photo should be viewed in sequence as they are part of a series. Caption/ description is a major part of the photos. In order to understand my photos and the series better, please do read the description.

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