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Updated: May 12, 2021

What controls us? And for how long is it going to be?

Are our decisions independent? Is our every movement unrestricted? Do we even realize that we are being controlled? Is it a person who pulls the strings who is it something else; something unknown, something unexpected?

Can we handle complete freedom? A life without restrictions, control, and limitations. Can we handle the chaos? Are we capable of making decisions on our own? What if we break free? Won't the basic wild instinct take over our actions? We will be under control again but this time under something more sinister. Or could just the opposite happen? Will we still stay humans?

We are not alone. We're always being watched and thought of. There's this "society" that judges us for everything we do. They don't control us, but they control us. So what do we do? Do we become one of them to seek acceptance? Or do we become a rebel? In either way, the ones who wanna judge will always do and part of us will be controlled by them - directly or indirectly. But the question is, how much?

RANGMANCH (THE STAGE)..."All the world's a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances,

And one man in his time plays many parts"

We have got roles to play. Some get smaller roles, some get bigger. Some are portrayed as heroes and some as villains. Some make us laugh and some break our hearts. But we all have to play. We are all assigned a role and we must remain in character as long as the play lasts. We cannot stray or the balance will be disturbed. We cannot forget our lines. We cannot forget our entry and exit. Everything is pre-determined. Everything must go according to the plan. Our strings are in the hands of the director and we must comply because we don't have a choice. We are here for the entertainment and entertain we shall.

MASTER OF PUPPET..I was so busy searching for answers, I forgot what the question was. Or was I looking in the wrong place? Was I even asking the right question? Was I in full control of myself all this while and didn't even realize? Did I become the same person, I wanted to break free from?

And when did this happen? Entangled in the norms, engulfed by my own thoughts, I created my own limitations. Who are others to decide what I am meant to be? Was it me that took a conscious decision for my actions. No matter how much I put the blame on others, the onus is on me. Am I not answerable for my karma? So better late than never. I have the control in my hands, I will own up and act.

BREAKING FREE..Now I see it clearly. The invisible chains appear in front of me; hazy, obscured but visible. If I can see it, I can defeat it. I'm going to cut loose one at a time. I'm going to be free at last. It wasn't the society, it wasn't someone else. It was me all along. I had created my own limitations, my own restrictions, my own little prison. I'll cut them all. Freedom is tempting. Freedom is alluring. Yes, I will do it this time. I see more free folks around. The birds have broken the cage, I'll do the same. I'll take my flight. I hold the strings in one hand and a knife in another. I can't grab all the strings at once but will cut them all eventually.

But I stop....can I really do it? Do I really want to go against everything? I'm so used to the chains. Won't I miss them? How will be a life of freedom? I'm not sure anymore. I have more doubts now than ever. The strings are fading again......


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