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Prewedding shoot_Seven Layers Photograph

Pre-wedding shots are our favourite. We understand the tender growing love between the couple and help them nurture as well as capture that beautiful moment. Having shot pre-wedding in New Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore we take pride in showcasing our art. Have a look at our stunning pre-wedding album.


Wedding is an emotional affair. With the right blend of candid and traditional photography, we assure you of creating memories you'll cherish forever. We have covered weddings in New Delhi, Bangalore, Bokaro Steel City, Patna, Ranchi and Bodh Gaya. Call us to check out our exclusive deals just for you.


One of the best gifts you can give to your loved little ones is a beautiful photoshoot for them to look back and smile when they grow up. We believe in capturing the emotions and the expression of our young models more than projecting them as a decorative props. Have a look at our kids photography album. Aren't they soooo cute!!

Rajeev and Samshitha baby Shower shoot_b

Birthdays-Engagement-small family gathering-festival celebrations-corporate events: we have got you covered. Call us on our number to get the best quote at an amazingly affordable price.

Product Photography seven layers photogr

So you have your awesome product ready to launch and you want them to be photographed in the same aesthetics which will match the pure philosophy behind your product? Lets discuss and plan a shoot.

IG Influencers and Blogger

  We always support Instagram influencers and trend makers. So are you serious about taking your instagram wall to the next level? Contact us. You may even get an absolutely  free photoshoot

Leather Camera
About Us

We are a team of creative individuals with distinctive skill sets. We love music, movies, literature and people. Our philosophy is, Everyone is beautiful! We are not just photographers, we are storytellers! We are professionally trained artists who understand our work well. We try to break patterns and trends. We shoot and edit everything from scratch and never use templates or presets.

Camera Equipment
Our Equipment

For every shoot, no matter what your budget is, we put our heart and soul in it. Well equipped with high-end full-frame cameras, prime lenses and Apple's Mac computers, we assure best in the industry quality for your photos and videos with seamless editing/ post-processing.

We also shoot in GoPro 4k for that amazing perspective and an out of the box view-point.

Vintage Postcards
Our Style

We have a minimalist approach to our photography style. We shooting in modern, subtle and non-flashy look. Our editing style follows our shooting pattern. We have our expertise in candid and Rembrandt style of photography revealing true emotions of our subject. This sets us apart from the rest. However, we do blend traditional style to include everyone and everything when shooting events.

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