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Celebrate birthdays in style.
We have special packages for your child's first birthday or your parent's birthdays and anniversaries. 

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Why chose us?

* Over 17 years of experience in photography
* Internationally awarded fine art and concept art photographer.

* Premium clientele.

* Teacher and mentor to international students

* Superior Lighting and editing for all your images.
* Pre-shoot consultation to get the best from the session.
* No forced charges. You pay exactly what your requirement is.

* Experienced and hard-working team to take care of all your needs.
* Affordable and competitive pricing.

* Air-conditioned studio with necessary backdrops and props.

Our Prices

Assuring best quality in all our packages.


Photography Package

Event Shoot only

Unlimited unedited images

40 professionally edited images

Soft copies delivered digitally.

Price: 15,000



Event Shoot only

Unlimited unedited images

40 pages of well-designed album from Canvera.

Soft copies delivered digitally.

4K Video Highlight

4k Cinematic Video (10-15 minutes)

Price: 30,000


Photography Package with Album

Event Shoot only

Unlimited unedited images

40 pages of well-designed album from Canvera.

Soft copies delivered digitally.

Price: 20,000


Full Package

Pre-Birthday shoot+Event Shoot

Cake-smash+theme photo and video shoot (indoor and outdoor)

Unlimited unedited images

40 pages of well-designed album from Canvera.

Soft copies delivered digitally.

4K Video Highlight

4k Cinematic Video (10-15 minutes)

Price: 40,000


Q. What is the birthday package?
A. Our birthday package has the following deliverables:
A cake smash session
*Portrait of the baby, parents and siblings. (Both indoors and outdoor sessions)
*20 edited images will be provided from the session.
*A short cinematic video of length 2-3 minutes

Birthday Shoot with candid and group photos

*A cinematic video of length 15-20 minutes from the Birthday shoot
*A 40 pages album (12'x18') with around 120-150 images printed from Canvera 

Please note: Cake for the cake-smash session is not included in the package. Please ask for 'cake-smash' cake from the bakery. They make especially for this purpose.

Q. How soon should we book the session?
A. We recommend booking us at least two weeks in advance so that we can block the dates for the birthday and also for the cake smash session. 

Q. How many hours is the session?
A. We allot a time limit of 2-3 hours for cake smash session and 4-5 hours for the birthday event session.

Q. How many costumes can we bring for the cake smash shoot? 
A. You can have 3-4 costumes varying from ethnic, casuals, westerns etc. for the cake smash and portrait session. Bringing too many costumes will definitely affect the time we dedicate to shoot. The session is about capturing the emotions and expressions about your baby and not about costumes, right?

Q. How many photos do you take? 
A. We provide around 15-20 edited pics from the cake smash session of your choice. In birthdays, the number of pics will obviously increase depending upon the duration of the event, number of guests etc. An album may contain around 120-140 images, so we will shoot and edit accordingly. All the basic edited images will be sent to you digitally and you may select the photos of your choice and send us the file numbers for further editing. We do not provide RAW files of the photos just like any other photographer in the industry. 

Q. How many locations will the shoot be at?
A. We shoot cake smash mostly at our studio in Madhurwada. For outdoor shoot, we prefer the beach area or the Totla Konda Eco-Park. The combination of indoor and outdoor will add towards the total session hours.

Q. How many people are in the crew? 
A. We like to keep the crew small so that its easy to coordinate and its not an extra financial burden to the client. We can increase the number of photographers and cinematographers if you insist, but per person charge will also be added to the bill. We have a dedicated cinematographer for the birthday event. There will be one photographer taking portraits and group photos in the event. The cake smash session will have only one person taking videos and photos.

Q. Can we bring our family to the shoot?
A. Cake smash session is meant only for the kid, parents and siblings. You can upgrade to family shoot to include grandparents, uncle, aunts, cousins etc. at an additional cost. 
In birthdays however, everyone including guests can be accommodated at no additional charge.

Q. How soon can we get the files?
A. Basic edited images for selection are send in 2-3 days time. Once the selection is done and we receive the file numbers, it will take another 2 weeks for the final images. You won't like hurriedly edited pics, will you? The video is usually send in a month's time from the day of the shoot. We try to deliver as soon as possible. Please book your shoot well in advance.

Q. Do you provide albums?
A. Yes, we have Canvera as our print partner to guarantee best quality prints that will last for years to come. We provide 12x18 inches non-tearable pages with an option of matte and gloss print. 

Q. What are the payment schedule? How should I pay?
A. We take 50% of the amount while booking the session and the remaining balance has to be paid at the end of the shoot. We will only be able to provide you with the basic edited images once we receive the full and final payment.

All the payments can be conveniently made through UPI. We will send you a confirmation mail with all the shoot details once the booking amount is transferred.

Q. I want to pay the balance after I receive the album, is that okay?
A. Albums are not part of the regular package. They are ordered separately and they are printed by Canvera which is a separate company. They take the money upfront for every album. We have to pay for the print. So it won't be possible to get the album printed on credit. Hence, all the balance has to be cleared first before we can place the order. 

Still have questions, WhatsApp your queries us on our number.

Themes for Pre-Birthday Shoot 

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