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Traditional vs Candid Wedding photography

Photography has always been a big part of a Wedding day. Everyone desires for pictures that can be kept close to their memory and heart of their once in a life time special day. The couples swing to and fro between a candid and a traditional photography. To make this day their own, and why not? It's the day where they start a new unknown chapter.


While the couple is busy with their ceremony, the photographer is posing around throughout to get that one perfect candid moment that will put the album on fire. The photographer will wait patiently to capture all your moments; when you smile, shed that little tear, sweating your make up off or shooting that love to your partner with your eyes.


Candid is all about those natural emotions. It captures the most beautiful moments undisturbed. It captures people when they are not aware of their picture being taken. Hence, the name candid. The photographers click pictures without staging a scene. Hence it is natural and brings in a sense of realism. Nothing is more precious than an un-fabricated emotion that portrays on the day of the wedding


In traditional photography, these moments are creatively made. This genre of photography gives a wide room for the photographer to use his own creativity to make a perfect shot that will be adorable to the couple. He will narrate all the right positions and expression to make a memorable album.


Hold it! said the camera man. Unlike candid, traditional photograph is everything about that pose. Holding a pose is still in trend. So, stand perfect in the frame, chin up, look right into the came and cheeeeeeese!


There is one thing that is common between the two genre. Skills of the photographer. While candid photographs need some good lighting and traditional photographs require good lighting, props, scene, expressions etc. Both the genre pin down to editing and photography skills of the photographer. A good photographer never finalizes an untouched photograph. All photographs need to get edited for distortions, straight frames, proper contrast and brightness etc.


We at SEVEN LAYERS PHOTOGRAPHY perfectly understand the trend of candid photography and we are actually good at it. We use high end full frame cameras and Prime lenses to capture the best and the minutest details of all the candid moments. However, we do realize the importance of traditional photography in order to capture the larger picture of the event. we take care of the posing of the couple and also large groups. Making people in the frame comfortable and ready for the shoot is our top priority. We make a blend of both candid and traditional in a shoot. We extend our style of shooting not only in weddings but in all events that we capture; be it birthday parties or any other social event.

What should you pick?

Keep a good tune with your photographer and let him know what your perfect picture looks like in your mind. Blend in some candid and traditional photography together, mix them well and pour them in that album. Remember, it is your event, make it completely yours.

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