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Thishan's Portrait Shoot

Having shot Thishan's Naming ceremony a month ago, his parents wanted a portrait session for him. We decided a date and his mom selected and hired few props for the shoot. We were really excited about the shoot. We fondly remember that on his naming ceremony, Thishan was really playful and co-operative on all his shoot. However, his behaviour turned out to be unexpected, although much expected from an eleven month old kid. Thishan hadn't slept that afternoon and discarded his lunch too. So it turned out to be an unpleasant experience for the kid who kept crying the whole time. We hats-off to the parents who were really patient and co-operative that helped us capture some of the moments that we were able to.

Here are some of our favourite pics from the shoot. I was looking forward to some moody Rembrandt style of shoot and we did manage to get few.

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