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The Art of Subtle Decoration

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

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More often than not, I have been part of a wedding and even a birthday event, where the decorations were way too much. I don't mean you can't have grand or expensive set design, all I can put in simple words is that 'it looked too crowded for the frame'.

It is really easy to get swayed away with lots of option to chose from your decorator's catalogue. And then you might end up picking the best ones from a lot of separate designs. This makes your decoration cluttered, crowded and distracting. Doing that completely takes away all the attention from the main subject: you! You have not hired a photographer to take photos of not just your decoration but of you primarily. Keeping a cleaner background not only makes your photographs neat but also increases the production value.


Keeping a subtle minimalist design doesn't mean an absence of decoration. An experienced and reputed decorator will have the skills to bring out the best of the occasion and venue with a simple but elegant decoration. Key is spreading the decors in a larger area so as not to make the background look crowded. Avoid darker colour on sets. Cool pastel colours are in fashion and God, they look lovely.


Almost the same applies to birthday and similar events. Keep the decoration subtle. A clean background looks lovely both on the venue and on photo print. Yeah, I know choice of colours will be different depending upon the gender of the kid. For girl's light pink flowery design look awesome. While for the boys out there, if you are planning to go for blue, please make sure, it's not dark blue or any dark colour for that matter.

Apart from the birthday boy/girl cake is the main attraction of the day too! Over-crowding the cake table is a big no-no too. Ask your decorator not to put too many things on the same table. You may instruct them to arrange another table with all the muffins, toffees. chocolates etc. But the main cake should be left alone or with minimal accessories. This will allow the cake to have it's own space and importance. Also will look good on the photos :)

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