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Soul on the Journey

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Ever thought what drives travel enthusiasts to just go out? To leave all their property back at home and go out into the uncertain. Why traveling is so close to the soul?

While one can have a "normal" day to day job, travelers decide to walk off. 'Let's go out !', somewhere you don't know, somewhere that is uncertain, but certain to hold life.

Soul Against the Odds

In any journey, the biggest challenge would be to accept and put that foot forward. Similarly, for a traveler, it's a huge brick that hits somebody. Challenges don't only mean financial circumstances for the tickets and bookings. You need to change your habits, clear the cloggings that the society has filled you with, believe in the scopes that you just discovered. It is Tough! Strolling off to a place expecting the creatures there would welcome you with kindness.

It takes courage to make changes, even though the change is minute. Those struggles to get out of bed at five, struggles to not scroll down Instagram for hours, getting over a person you have been stuck with for years.

It takes courage for our little soul to make that change for the kind of journey we desire.

Soul Apprentice

The future belongs to the learners-not knowers -Eric Hoffer.

The Soul is a learner. A traveler is a learner. We all have differences. Going out as a traveler means getting adapted to ways of different cultures, their ways, food, lifestyle, customs. Every time a person is out to an unknown place learns. The person learns routes first, greetings, the atmosphere, the feeling of the culture. You will come to realize that not all unknown is scary.

Your Soul does that too. Remember the first day in school or the new place you just moved to. Remember the first time you met a person, hated that person yet later learned about that person and made the relationship you always longed for.

The soul learns, maybe in the pace of a turtle, but it learns, recognizes and moves forward.

The Soul is Creative

The Mighty who made us must be creative. He made billions and billions of plants, creature, elements, species yet to be discovered and each of them so different from the other. We are made in such unique details that even our fingerprints are unique. They don't match with anyone. So, made by that Mighty, don't we all possess that creativity in our souls?

We all get our chances to embrace this quality that has been inbuilt in us. The choice to be a wanderer than becoming what others expect us to be. Pursuing the unique destination that we are supposed to take. Not following the herd and being the black sheep instead. Traveling gives so much space for creativity. You decide your destination, how you will reach there, what you would do, how you would manage new things coming at your way?

The soul is creative. It wants to deal with situations differently. It has ideas of its own, but before that idea could reach the tongue, the mind plays its game and obstructs any change you want to make. That light of the unique idea is lost in the darkness out of fear which is the size of a mouse with a saxophone.

Creativity makes us unique. Einstein was creative in science, it made him unique. Moana, Dr. John Alfred Hammond, Late Tony Stark are few great examples.

We all have a lighthouse in us we just forget to switch it on. Maybe we just forget where the switches are.

Soul Up-liftment

Throw me to the wolves and I will come back leading the pack-Someone

Life is not all roses. Terrible things will and are going on in our lives.

As a traveler, you will find people who will be unkind, circumstances that will tear you or hurt you mentally or physically. Maybe even get robbed on the somewhere. But you go with the flow of your spirit. Traveling can be so tiresome. Each day will be a contrast to the other.

When you lead a life with your spirit. You will find people who will hurt you because they lack love in their hearts. Experiences or truth that will shift the floor of your feet. Constant piercing of your heart. Amidst that, you should remember that unless you see the dark times you won't appreciate the good times. Unless you experience bad people you cannot identify the good ones.

Soul Alone

You don't have a Soul.

You are the Soul.

You have a Body.

- C.S. Lewis

Traveling gives humongous opportunities to connect to the roots of our being. Spending time alone traveling gives the freedom to experience new things and people and have an opinion of your own which is not fabricated or influenced by others.

Your soul is connected to your actions. Without knowing your soul, you might never know what challenges you can kick down, how many possibilities there are for you to learn, how creative you really are and how strong or far you have come.

Do not be scared to travel alone on your journey. Do not be afraid of being alone and not fitting into a space that is already blocked. Do not turn away from your destiny which is uniquely made for you.

When your heart is singing the songs of a whale, spirit howling like a wolf,

Do not hold yourself back by a toad-like voice of discouragement.

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