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Pre-Wedding In Kolkata

This was our first pre-wedding shoot and one among the initial shoots professionally. Was I nervous, yes, obviously; did it affect my work? No. My years in training and shooting for hobby for over a decade gave me enough confidence to cover the shoot in grace.

We selected Eco Park in Kolkata was our venue as we had limited time (just one day). But the park was huge and had a lot of varied setups giving us enough space for creativity and variety in our shoot. We even shot few poses on our way to the park

It was a love marriage so the couple were already really comfortable with each other and we had been talking to them over phone from past few days so the compatibility between the models and the photographers was set instantly when we met. We spent the whole day in the eco park and had every nook and corner covered with our shoot.

Putting up for display some of our favourite pics from the shoot.

Create your beautiful memories with us. Contact us for a memorable pre-wedding shoot experience.

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