Importing and organising photos in Adobe Lightroom

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Lets import photos to lightroom and also organise them on the computer. whether you import your photos from memory cards, hardisks or even cameras, the process remains the same. Before we begin, we make tutorial videos on photography, cinematography, editing and everything in between. Subscribe to our channel and enable notification to never miss our future videos. Lets open lightroom No go to file and click on Import Photos and Videos select the folder you want to import your files from. In my case, my photos are stored on my desktop, which is in internal hardisk. Lets select the folder and the photos I want to import. Here, I have selected them all. Now I can click on import. Now comes the organising part. Under destination, lets select "Into Sub-folder" and name the folder as RAW PHOTOS. I am segregating them by date and I want them all under main folder Photos. Lightroom has created a sub folder named RAW photos and my imported files will be stored there, grouped by the date taken. You can also import the photos by dropping the folder directly to the library module. There are couple of other things you can do while importing photos to the lightroom. Building smart preview, makes a proxy file of your photos. These are smaller in size as compared to your original file. This is helpful when your internal storage space is low. If your total file size is 30-40gb but your laptop has only 128gb ssd, you can make use of these feature to work seamlessly on your proxy files while you can keep the heavy original files in the external hard drive. Checking this option will leave out any duplicate file you have on your source drive. You can leave the build previews to minimal for faster loading.

If you want to apply a preset to all the photos during the import, you can select them from here. Let me select all the photos and apply a preset from the the develop settings. This is your library, you can zoom in or out to change the view of the catalogue. You can use the rotation handle to rotate a photo 360 degree. You can select all the photos by keyboard shortcut control or command A. You can select particular photos by holding down the control key on your keyboard and clicking on the desired photos. Similarly, you can select the photos in sequence by holding down the shift key and selecting the first and the last photo in the sequence. Lets undo the rotation by control or command z Once you are in the library, you can also make some quick adjustment under the quick develop menu. For example, we can change the while balance of all the images. Again, we can apply preset to the images quickly here without even doing to the develop module. You can also control the brightness and clarity of your photos. You can reset all the quick edits done on your photos by clicking on the reset all. You can view,edit or add metadata to your photos. Now your photos are imported and also organised in your computer. You can now edit them by going to the develop module. We will have a detailed video on the the develop module and how to edit raw photos in lightroom. If this has helped, please like the video, leave any suggestion that you have in the comments section. Please subscribe to the channel to get more informative videos on similar topics. Thanks for watching.

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