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Be camera-licious! Customers' guide to looking awesome in professional shoots.

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Ever wondered why your photos don't look that amazing as you had expected them to be? Here's a quick guide to getting the best out of your professional photo-session.

1.Pick up a good photographer

So, you have your wedding next week and you have asked your friend/ cousin to shoot the most important day of your life? Good luck getting professional looking photos. And don't blame your friend either. He/she has neither prior experience nor proper equipment.

Hire someone who can shoot well and has shot in similar kind of event. You may even give chance to a new comer if his/her photography is really good and uses industry standard equipment. But don't make them work for free. Money is not only a good motivator but will also help the photographer buy better gears for his kit.

2. Mind your environment

Depending upon what the event is, get your decoration done well. You don't have to spend lavishly on decoration. Find decorators who do their job well even at an economical budget. Keep in mind, what you get is what you pay. Have a look at the previous decoration work of the vendor and act accordingly.

For shoots at your home, specially for kid's photography, keep your hall free from large furniture on that day allowing enough space for everyone to move around and setup lighting and other equipment for the photographers. Take out your kids' favourite toys and dress.

Don't expect your photographer to carry props for the shoot if you are hiring someone at a budget or have hard negotiated with someone to shoot below their usual prices. Everything comes at a price and photographers have to pay for them. However, you can be creative yourself and decorate the shoot area according to your choice saving money besides making the frame more interesting and personal.

3. Enjoy the occasion.

I have been to weddings across the country and I did come across at least two weddings were everyone looked dead. No excitement, only grumpy faces or at best no expression. For God's sake, it's a wedding.! Enjoy the day! Laugh, talk, make some noise, play music LOUD, dance, initiate and take part in family games and activities. Make the event memorable and worthwhile. Give your photographers to capture something candid and colourful and not just rely on fake candid poses.

4. Dress up for the occasion

Weddings specially require lot of efforts from each and every family member. Everyone gets really busy with very little time to spare for oneself. But weddings are the only few occasions which require you to dress up... and dress-up like kings and queens. You can never be over dressed on this day. Indian weddings are supposed to be grand and colourful. So, dress up accordingly. Don't just have that tired office worker or just out of bed look.

5. Get involved.

Don't take your favourite corner seat and stay away from the crowd. Get up, show some energy and get involved. There is no turn off than a dead audience. If you want to be clicked well, you will have to put an effort. Your photographer will only be interested in people who are actively participating in something. If there's no action, there will be no recording. You will just be in another filler video/photo. Help your photographer in making everyone pose. You will not only be a big help to the photographer, but also indirectly become a wedding/event director and your photographer's favourite.

6. Don't be shy.

If you've already embraced the aura and have become comfortable with the atmosphere, your half work's done. However the rest of the half totally depends upon how comfortable you are in front of the camera, which is directly proportional to your relation with the photographer. We did come across some of the shiest clients ever for couple shoot. If your photographer is not patient and friendly, you can forget about getting great shots that you had earlier imagined. Being camera shy is natural, usually for guys. But you have to let that go for the time being. Make sure to spend some time with your photographer building friendly relationships. Most of the time, your photographer will take the initiative to do that. Give him/ her a chance. You will need to open up and in few minutes you will.

7. Be ready with your own pose ideas

It's always the best practise to have few poses handy for your shoot. Your photographer will obviously help you pose and also suggest many, but if you have any particular pose or reference, do share with your photographer in advance to help him/her be prepared for them. You will in that way get your favourite poses and settings captured exactly as you wanted.

8. Don't over exhaust your photographer and of course, yourself!

Always remember, you are shooting for treasuring beautiful moments. So, let the energy and vibrance of the moments stay alive. Too much of unnecessary demands and trials may lead to tiring both the customer and the photographer. Once the vigour is lost, the photographer can lose his interest and try to wrap it up soon without harnessing much of his creativity. Similarly, if the customers are tired, they lose the shine on their faces and this lack of energy reflects on their expressions and the posture. So, stay energetic, enthusiastic and gorgeous.

Bonus: Know yourself

You are your best judge and no one knows you better than yourself. Keep in mind what colours and what kind of dress suits you the best. Avoid colours and dress designs which you think doesn't go well with your personality. Be in something you are most comfortable with. Also, you can avoid the poses which don't make you feel natural and comfortable. Let it go. Trust your photographer, he knows best.

Got any other ideas to share? Let us know in the comments.

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