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Pre-Wedding in Delhi

Shooting a Pre-Wedding in May in Delhi, what could go wrong? Perhaps everything.

Both my client and I were not from Delhi. I have been living in Bangalore for years now and they were from Guwahati. Both the places have fairly pleasant weather condition. Delhi on the other hand was scorching at 45 degrees. We shot the whole pre-wedding over a span of 4 days spending 2-3 hrs a day. Most of our shoot took place in Lodhi Garden. Apart from fighting heat, dehydration and staring eyes, we had one more problem at hand. It was an arranged marriage and the couple had never met before. The hesitation to pose together was a barrier which was to be overcome. So we decided to just spend time one the first day and have some casual shoots allowing the couple to know each other better and get comfortable. At the end of the fourth day, we not only got our best shots, but also left behind a sweet couple madly in love.

Posting some of our favourites from the shoot:

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